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We Take Frisco Mosquito Control Seriously.

It’s tough to beat a summer evening in Frisco. We all have fond memories of times shared together outdoors, sitting on the porch or having a nice dinner in the backyard. But we’ve also all experienced what it’s like for mosquitoes to come along and ruin the night.

Mosquito bites are never fun, and that’s why Mosquito Squad of Frisco wants to return pleasant and comfortable summer fun to you and your family. With our effective mosquito control service, you can enjoy the outdoors in peace without having to worry about bites again.

Mosquito Protection All Summer Long

Our customers love the immediate effectiveness of our mosquito treatments, and most choose regular treatments throughout the summer for maximum mosquito protection. Whether you choose our most popular barrier spray or an All-Natural mosquito treatment, Mosquito Squad of Frisco ensures that you will go the whole summer without being “bugged.” We provide a variety of seasonal treatment options throughout Frisco, Denton & Little Elm to protect your family and pets.

Our most popular treatment is our traditional barrier spray. With this method of mosquito control, we’re able to eliminate 85-90% of the mosquitoes in your yard while repelling new mosquitoes from coming around. With barrier spray mosquito treatment, Mosquito Squad technicians re-apply the treatment every 21 days to ensure that your mosquito protection lasts through the summer.

As an organic alternative to traditional barrier spray, we offer an All-Natural mosquito treatment which consists primarily of essential oils. This treatment is highly effective, eliminating 65-80% of the mosquitoes around your property. Our technicians re-apply every 14 days so your family stays bite-free.

No matter the option you choose, all of our mosquito treatments are EPA approved and are safe for your family. Though it’s important to keep your kids and pets inside during the spray, you can return to enjoying your yard only 30 minutes after treatment is complete.
Give Mosquito Squad of Frisco a call today for a free consultation and protect your family all summer long!

One-Time Special Event Sprays

There’s nothing worse than planning a big event like a wedding or a family reunion only for it to be invaded by mosquitoes, leaving your guests uncomfortable and covered in bites. For special outdoor events, we recommend a one-time event spray to eliminate 90-95% of adult mosquitoes.

Our Mosquito Control Process

  1. When you give Mosquito Squad a call, one of our friendly consultants will walk you through our mosquito control services and ask you a few questions about your property or your event. We want to make sure you have a treatment that fits your needs.
  2. From there, we will work with your schedule to set up a time for your initial treatment.
  3. During the scheduled time, Mosquito Squad of Frisco will send a licensed mosquito control technician to visit and evaluate your property. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
  4. While we are at your property, we will apply our barrier treatment to the foliage in the area as well as any other sites where mosquitoes like to hang out. If you’ve selected our Automatic Misting System, we will install the misters in key areas around your yard. Unlike other mosquito control services, our treatment will continue to eliminate and repel mosquitoes.
  5. Finally, we make sure to remove or treat any areas that are known to be breeding grounds for mosquitoes, ticks, and other outdoor pests.
  6. After the initial barrier treatment, our technicians will return every 3 weeks to re-apply (every 2 weeks for the All-Natural treatment).

    Once we are finished, you’ll be happy to enjoy your yard once again – mosquito free!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Our products are very effective for over 99% of our customers. We stand behind our work with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your mosquito treatment, our technicians will return to your property or refund you in full.

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